It’s been a nerve wracking week here at Chez O’Shea. This week marked nine months since the end of Chuck’s chemo treatments, and six months since his last PET scan. Monday they did a new PET scan and today we got the results. It was all good news. Mister Fatty Necrosis, of whom I wrote previously here and here, finally was gone from the scans (yay!) so there will be no need for surgery or more needle biopsies. Chuck is officially, completely cancer-free. Hallelujah!

The plan now is for one more immunotherapy treatment, then we’ll settle into a six month checkup schedule. Yesterday we both were like zombies, unable to sleep and just waiting, waiting, waiting. As we sat waiting for the doctor and the test results today, it felt like we were waiting for God to come in and give us the thumbs up or thumbs down for, you know, Chuck to continue living. I know that sounds crazy but at that moment, that really is what it felt like. It’s hard – I have faith that over time it will get a bit easier living with the uncertainty as the next checkup looms – but given the alternative we’ll live with our new normal.

Here’s to living each day to the fullest, and never, never taking life, love, family or friends for granted.


  1. Out-fucking-standing! I can see suit of weighed armor and chains falling from both of your bodies. I’m trilled! I can’t wait to see you two…however and where ever that my be. Love to you both!

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