Saying goodbye to Paris

IMG_0476We are at the airport right now where I am indulging in cheap, zippy wifi, uploading Paris pictures, checking email and updating the blog. We had a nice morning, not rushing getting packed (I found the sunglasses that I thought I had lost, yay!), then strolled down the Champs Elyssees for lunch, back to the hotel for our bags and grabbed a taxi to the airport. We were up for public transportation but the RER trains that go to CDG were on strike today (glad we found that out before we had schlepped our bags all the way in the metro to Gare du Nord!).

Our legs after all of yesterday’s going up and down stairs and walking several miles are actually feeling pretty good today! Still sore, don’t get me wrong but we aren’t letting out inadvertent groans every time we stand up or sit down now.

Charles de Gaulle airport is fabulous – the shopping is spectacular. All sorts of designer stores. We stopped in the duty free store and got some goodies to take to England.

As I mentioned I have been busily uploading our Paris pics. Check them out here:

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  1. Just finished enjoying your photos! Thank you so much. Saw places that I had never seen before like the wine ‘cellar’. Chuck are you crawling up the steps? Too much or too sore? Seems like a trip for the ages.

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