I’m in love (which should come as no surprise to anyone)

Hi, my name is Eileen and I’m an Apple fangirl. No, it’s true.

I proved it today by standing in line for seven hours to buy an iPhone 4. If that’s not true devotion I don’t know what is. The good (bad?) news is that Chuck stood in line with me. And you know what? We had a pretty good time! They gave us water, lemonade, sandwiches and cookies (we heard a rumor that the line in Pasadena got coffee and Danish *sigh*).

But by 2:30pm we were the proud new owners of iPhone 4’s, and let me tell you, there us NO comparison between the iPhone 3G and the 4. And between the first gen iPhone and the 4? Well, it’s like trying to compare a Gremlin and a Porsche. As in, it’s just not fair. The iPhone 4 is the smartphone we’ve all been waiting fir (those of us who’ve been waiting). It’s fast, responsive and elegant. The screen is crisp, type is clear, apps open instantly. Sweet! The camera is a massive step up from the 3G. And it shoots video! My instant recommendation: if you are eligible to upgrade, do it! And if you’ve been holding out for the right time: it’s here! This is the realization of all the possibilities that the first gen iPhone tantalized us with. Seriously.

I sold my 3G today for $110 at sellyourcell.com. I might have done better on craigslist but the value has been dropping so fast it seemed wise to move quickly. That brings my upgrade price down to $189 (we opted for the 32GB model) before tax. We’ll be changing our data plans too, as we never come close to 200MB/month. All in all, it was a pretty successful day, albeit pretty exhausting. It’s hard work, standing in line. For hours. And hours.

Quote of the day from one Apple employee to another: “Don’t you go all OMG on me now!!” Can you guess where we were? Hint: it’s south of LA County.