Just when we thought the remodel was done, it wasn’t!

So we were feeling pretty cocky, pretty woohoo-we-are-done-with-this-house-remodel-deal! And then the closet bars fell down and we realized that we had forgotten to check on the status of the closets (there are only two in the house).

Once we looked, it was a pretty sad state of affairs. Each had a crummy single bar running the length of the closet but they actually weren’t even bars – they were plastic wired shelves (like you see in Home Depot’s cheap crap aisle). One of the cheap plastic wired shelves actually  collapsed once any weight was placed on it. The tenants were sad as all of their clothes ended up on the floor. Gamely, they were willing to put up new poles. We decided to finish what we started with the remodel and do things right.

First we asked the tenants to think about what they’d like, then we went to Costco and checked out their closet design deals. It’s very cool: here in California they contract with California Closets. We gave them our tenants’ design ideas, they drew up the plans, we wrote a check and hey! presto several weeks later, we had new closets that were a big upgrade from what was there before, for a very reasonable price.

Here’s the second bedroom closet before and after:

second bedroom before front house closet redo

And the master bedroom closet before and after:

master bedroom before front house closet redo front house closet redo

Okay, so we really, really feel that we are now officially, completely DONE with the front house remodel. Except for the refrigerator. Which is coming in July. Then we’ll be done. Really.


  1. You just keep telling yourself that: “we’ll be done. Really.” repeat it over and over and soon you’ll believe it!

  2. And if I click my heels together three times and say, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…” *sigh*

  3. Oh no, not the dreaded wire shelves! 🙂 Glad you’re happy with your new custom closets – they really make a big difference, especially when you’re remodeling.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and the pictures – it’s great to see the before and afters!

    Melissa (from California Closets HQ in Northern California)

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