Moving on (or the continuing adventures of life in the money pit)

So now that I feel I can (semi) safely say that we are done with the front house remodel, it’s time to turn our attentions to (drum roll, please!) OUR house! Yes, our humble abode is now on the cutting board (so to speak) and we are gearing up for a slow, very gradual remodel that will ultimately include all two and a half bathrooms and the kitchen. To kickstart us, Chuck has decide to undertake the remodel of our second bathroom on his own. Yes kids, he plans on gutting it and redoing it all himself. Crazy? Maybe. Crazy ambitious? Certainly! But he’s a handy guy and he’s pretty excited. In preparation he has cleaned his shed (and trust me when I say that when he cleans his shed, he means BUSINESS!).

Since I am incapable of wielding a hammer much less a drill, I am limiting myself to the design arena. And to aid this, I have created my very first Pinterest board (yes! finally a reason to use this!).

What are we have: the bathtub (leaving it alone), toilet (we already have a lovely TOTO toilet in there), natural stone for the (new) floor (we bought the same stone that we used in the front house – we liked it that much). What we need: a new cabinet, new tile for the walls around the tub a new sink and cabinet, a medicine cabinet (?) or mirror, new towel racks, new faucets.

Yes, we have started with the easiest bathroom. No moving of plumbing or removal of tub or shower, and no electrical issues. Still, this feels like the first volley in the, if not war then, battle for the house of our (resell) dreams. Our budget goal for this first undertaking is $5,000. Will we make it? Stay tuned!

Let the games begin!

Update: what would this be without before and after pics?! So here’s what we have now:

Untitled IMG_0773