10 years

Dec 4, 2002

Ten years ago next Tuesday in Laguna Beach at a gazebo overlooking the ocean on a glorious afternoon just at sunset (I took the craziest risk of my life (did I mention that prior to meeting Chuck I was a lifelong commitment-phobe?) and married Chuck. It’s been glorious, joyful, sometimes sad, sometimes scary, adventure-filled ride. I’ve been happier than I could imagine and more frightened than I could have imagined (can you say cancer?) and everything in between but I wouldn’t trade a minute of it. Here’s to 10 times 10 more! (We’d be really, really old if that actually happened because that would be, like, 100 years – but you get the point!).

We’ll be in the Caribbean celebrating and vacationing and hopefully not Internet-ing, so a little bit early – this is for you, Charlie O’Shea!

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