The wait is over. The iPad has landed.

January 27, 2010 eileen 0

I viewed/read the Gizmodo liveblog of the Apple event this morning announcing the (ta-da!) iPad. Now that the wait is over (well, for the announcement, at least – you’ll have to wait 60 days for the device to start shipping), it’s oddly, well, if not […]

Apple tablet, Apple tablet!! It’s coming!!

January 26, 2010 eileen 2

My inner Apple fangirl is about to burst out and take control of my body for the next 12 hours or so in anticipation of the big announcement coming from Apple tomorrow. Will it be a tablet? Will it be under $500? Will it be […]

Ring of fire, & etc

September 2, 2009 eileen 1

Greetings from the inferno that is southern California! It’s hot, hot, hot here – but at least in Long Beach we aren’t choking on smoke and ash. Here are some awesome NASA pics of the fires from space, to give you some idea of the […]

To upgrade or not to upgrade…

June 12, 2009 eileen 0

Apple announced the new iPhone 3GS this week, and good little Apple fangirl that I am, it made my heart go pitterpat. But once my heart rate returned to normal, reality set in (well, actually reality in the form of a $399 upgrade cost) and […]

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