Same as it ever was

August 14, 2008 eileen 0

The second coming (aka the iPhone 3G) arrived today (via direct order from at&t – three days from order to pick up!) and it is as we speak in my hands. I am touching it as we speak. And it is THAT COOL. Say what […]

It’s a sad day at Chez O’Shea….

July 13, 2008 eileen 0

The iPhone 3G has been out since Friday, and we still haven’t been able to even touch one, much less buy one. The at&t stores have been sold out within 15 minutes of opening since the Friday launch, and the wait at the Apple Store […]

I heart craigslist, mostly

December 17, 2007 eileen 0

Boy, if you have something you want to sell at a fair price, I can’t recommend [craigslist]( highly enough! My friend Cheryl has been a fan of craigslist forever – she used it a lot in northern California to find people to do work around […] […]

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