May you live in interesting times

October 8, 2008 eileen 0

We watched the debate last night. I thought it was pretty much a draw. I didn’t like McCain going into it, and he didn’t change my mind. Obama has great presence, great gravitas. But really, what can either of them say about the current economic […]

Another limerick

September 10, 2008 eileen 0

From our friend Mary: There once was a woman named Sarah, As foolish as Scarlet O’Hara, Her experience is scant, Which is why I must rant, It’s not Halloween; still she can scare ya!

My political commentary

September 9, 2008 eileen 0

I wrote a limerick today: There once was a politica named Sarah Who sounded more conservative than Dubya She banned books as a mayor Filled pork barrels as Governor Now threatens to be our next Scylla Okay, the Scylla thing was a stretch (not much, […]