Body check

Chuck and I went in to see our dermatologist for our six month check-ups today. That means full body checks for both of us. As former sun worshippers, we almost always have something that needs to be frozen off or cut out. Today it was my mole – the mole I have ad my entire life – that the doc decided looked a little different so he took a chunk to biopsy. Chuck had a little guy on his lower back that was of interest. So we both got a bit of snipping. And for good measure, he got the tip of his nose zapped with liquid nitrogen. Consider this a public service announcement from us O’Sheas to use lots of sunscreen this summer.

Oh, and our Internet is STILL down – the nitwit we talked to on Saturday noted that our modem was down but failed to fill in an order for a new one. *sigh* So we have ordered a backup fiber optic modem of our very own for $140. We figure it’s one of those things: if you have the redundant backup, you’ll never need it. But this has officially become a real drag and inconvenience. Grrrrr.